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Hello, we are Simon & Margaret, and we live and work here at Birchill Farm with our family and growing collection of animals.

In 2004 we made Birchill Farm our home and since then the whole place has been transformed, with the rustic buildings becoming a stylish cluster of contemporary holiday homes.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than being able to spend our time around our beautiful farm, pulling on our wellies and taking a long walk in the surrounding countryside with our friendly border collie, Nell.

Birchill Farm boasts 8 acres of green pasture where our animals graze, surrounding the cottages and their gardens, as well as ancient oak woodlands, a wildlife pond, and an open meadow leading to the stream. With a network of paths meandering across our land, we hope that our visitors too, will be able to spot the vast array of wildlife that also call our unspoilt haven their home.

Beyond our farm are neighbouring farms where cows and sheep graze on a patchwork of lush Devon pasture, laced by diverse and bountiful hedgerows.

Call us on 01805 601623 or email us using the contact us form below.

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